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Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The company offers digital maturity assessment and conducts training related to information and cyber security. We have a resilient team of experts that can be brought in for a project based on identification of data related needs and risks. Business process analysis and business continuity analysis are our starting point when working with you.


Product / Service No. 1

Digital maturity assessment and cyber risk management

We offer an integrated digital maturity assessment service and the development of a strategic cyber risk management plan aimed at increasing your organization’s resilience against cyber threats. Through our service, you will receive a detailed map of your current digital maturity and a customized cyber security improvement plan tailored to your organization’s specific needs and goals.


Our methodology includes:


Initial analysis of your IT infrastructure, systems and processes.

Digital maturity assessment, identifying weaknesses and potential risks.

Developing a strategic cyber risk management plan including prioritized actions to improve security.




Implementing our plan ensures you have improved protection against cyber threats, reduced risk of data breaches and increased trust from your customers and partners. In addition, improving digital maturity increases operational efficiency and supports business growth.

Product / Service No. 2

Staff training and development in the field of information and cyber security

Our information and cyber security training and staff development service aims to improve your employees’ knowledge and skills to protect against cyber threats. The program covers all aspects of cyber security, from basic principles to specialized protection techniques, in line with the latest trends in cyber security.




Develop a training needs analysis based on employee roles and responsibilities.

Development and adaptation of training modules including theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.

Conduct interactive training sessions and workshops led by cyber security experts.

Evaluate the effectiveness of training and provide feedback for continuous improvement.


Impact: Participants in our training program will develop valuable skills to identify and prevent cyber threats, which will contribute to a secure work environment and reduce the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. Trained employees become an important asset to your organization, increasing overall cyber resilience and security.

Product / Service No. 3

Using generative artificial intelligence for business and operational needs

Our service offers the integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GIA) into your business and operational processes to optimize efficiency and innovation. Through GIA, we help organizations automate tasks, improve decision-making and develop new products and services, thereby accelerating growth and improving competitiveness.




Analyze current business processes and identify opportunities for GII integration.

Develop customized GII solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs.

Implementation of GII solutions, including training of staff on effective use.

Continuous monitoring and optimization of GII usage to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Impact: Implementing generative AI in your organization will lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency, innovation and customer service. With GIA, you will be able to automate routine tasks, generate new ideas and solutions to problems, improve data analytics, and create personalized user experiences that will contribute to sustainable business growth and competitive advantage.

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