Zucchetti Bulgaria ltd.

Website: www.https://www.zucchetti.bg/
E-mail for feedback : radostina.pesheva[@] zucchetti.com

Representative : Dirk Axel Schwindling, Yassen Tanev
Feedback phone number: +35929583201

Brief summary of the organization (business card)
A digital transformation that does not understand the cyber security component is an expensive endeavor in which the sustainability of the investment cannot be guaranteed. We support our clients with innovative products in the retail and restaurant industries.
The approach to sustainable digital transformation that we at Dzuketi Bulgaria take is as follows:

We will interview your team to identify the needs
We will provide competent pre-sales expertise
We will study the business processes in the organization
We will offer timely and adequate after-sales service
In-depth training to leverage the full potential of the solutions
Constant communication on updates in the legal and administrative framework

Implemented systems are systematically protected from cyber-attacks and customers and their staff are subject to training and testing for cyber-resistant knowledge

Product / Service No. 1
Analysis and design of sales management systems – TCPOS
Integrated point of sale management system composed of a core with business functions, programmable operator screen view, built-in integration with hardware components (bank terminals, electronic scales, fiscal devices).
The systems operate independently in offline mode and exchange data continuously with a central system when a connection is available.
Each point is protected with EDR – a system for identification and response to cyber threats.
TCPOS manages mixed payments. loyalty program, promotions, vouchers, etc.

Product/Service #2
MAGO ERP – Production Management
Mago4 ERP is the trusted organizer of your resources.
All functions related to the administration and management of document processes , planning, finance, accounting, procurement , partners, production, inventory, warehouse and logistics, analytical reports are just a click away.Mago4 ERP covers all operational and business needs in the field of company management and development.

Mago4 ERP is integrated with the company’s ecosystem of solutions that are known to be flexible and reliable, with customization options. This gives you a complete solution to cover your business needs. Divided into separate modules, yet interconnected, the unified Mago4 ERP software system is the foundation of your real data-driven management solutions.

Mago4 ERP is an enterprise resource planning application with a strong international market presence. That’s why the Mago4 ERP team naturally support the development of each localization and makes the product local without losing the global experience.

Mago4 ERP provides the following key benefits:

Resource and activity planning;
Full control over all units of the enterprise;
Unify the management process and facilitate decision making;
Simultaneous monitoring of all business process factors without the danger of “forgetting” any important element;
Opportunities to analyze results and achieve best business practice;
Business cycle management – receipts and payments, inventory, revenue and expenses, profit;
Financial statement reporting and consolidation.

Product/Service #3
Self-service terminal with computer vision and artificial intelligence
The Vision checkout system is a product designed to give users the freedom to rely on their own choices and to independently go through the experience of selection, marking and consumption. Our product is applicable in canteens or departmental canteens as well as in cafeterias and pastry shops.
The self-service time is between 7-10 seconds. Customer can pay in cash or use their loyalty app or digital wallet.
TCPOS products are PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001:2022 certified

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