Association “Omega”


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Representative: Veselina Yurukova

Contact phone number: +359884444356

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Omega Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2012 in Kardzhali, Bulgaria. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of young people in the region by working in the fields of education, culture and civil society development. Omega Association has successfully implemented numerous projects funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and international projects under Erasmus+ and US programs. The organization has a qualified team, in the field of administration, education and civil sector. Among the important figures in the association are the president Veselina Yurukova, with significant experience in the social and political sphere and Marina Dimova, the coordinator of the association a teacher of civic education. The team is complemented by other experts, experienced professionals in different fields. “Omega is known for its good public reputation and sustainable partnerships with local, national and international organizations and institutions.


Product / Service #1

E-learning modules to engage young people E-learning modules for youth engagement are a core element of our project. They are designed to stimulate young people’s participation and civic engagement by providing up-to-date information and knowledge through integration with the innovative ChatGPT chatbot. This chatbot helps to keep the modules always up-to-date and relevant to the dynamic needs of the young generation. The educational platform is available in Bulgarian, Slovenian and English and covers topics such as civic education, media literacy and active citizenship. In addition to video lessons and quizzes, the modules include a self-assessment button with ChatGPT, making the learning interactive and engaging.

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