Cybersecurity Webinar by Cyber4AllSTAR & partnering EDIHs

CroboHub++ EDIH (Croatia), AI5Production EDIH (Austria), and Cyber4AllSTAR / Trakia EDIH (Bulgaria) cordially invite you to join the ‘Cybersecurity Webinar‘ on the future of the EU cybersecurity policy landscape.

The joint webinar, organized by the partnering European digital innovation hubs (EDIHs), will take place online on June 12th (Wednesday) from 10-00 h. to 11-00 h. CET.

The webinar stream will be accessible at the following webpage: upon user registration in advance at the “ConvoCircle” community platform, which is the organizers’ hosting partner of choice.


Speakers: The following webinar speakers, each a seasoned expert in his respective field, will be discussing the future of cybersecurity and will be available to answer questions during the Q&A session:

  • Marin Vukovic, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb: “Cybersecurity Threats 2030: Mitigation Strategies & Funding Opportunities”;
  • Stefan Jakoubi, Head of Professional Services and CISO at SBA Research: “EU NIS 2 Directive: from October 18th, it will be “compliant” or “non-compliant””;
  • Yasen Tanev, University lecturer in Cybersecurity and EDIH Trakia Innovation Ecosystem Lead: “The EU Cybersecurity Act and Certification Framework”.


About the organizers:

  • “CROBOHub++” EDIH – An ecosystem of excellence that is specialized in three key areas of the Digital European Program (DEP): 1. Artificial intelligence, 2. Cybersecurity, 3. High-performance computing.
  • “AI5Production” EDIH – The overall objective of the EDIH is to consolidate the Industry 4.0 maturity of SMEs and mid-caps in the north-east of Austria and transfer them to Industry 5.0 companies by providing all four foreseen service pillars of an EDIH.
  • “Cyber4AllSTAR” / “Trakia” EDIH – To bridge the cybersecurity divide in Bulgaria, the Hub offers access to experimentation facilities and services, access to finance, and ecosystem networking with disruptive technology suppliers.


The webinar organization is supported financially by the “Digital Europe” program of the European Commission and the synergy co-funding, provided by the respective governmental programs in Croatia, Austria, and Bulgaria.


  • 🔜 Remember that the cybersecurity webinar stream will be live on June 12th minutes before 10:00 AM CET at the following webpage:
  • ℹ If you are not a registered user of the ConvoCircle platform, the first time you access the webinar URL, you will be redirected to the user login/user registration page. You do not need to install any software, but create a free account to access the webinar through your browser.
  • 📃 Fill in the necessary information to create a profile, it takes a minute! This won’t be the only webinar we will run on the platform, so this additional minute is a good ‘value for money’.
  • ☑ Once you create a profile, you may be required to confirm/activate your user profile through an automatically generated email, which you will receive in your mailbox. This step is implemented due to GDPR compliance and anti-bot reasons.
  • 💌 If you do not see a confirmation mail in your mailbox and cannot access your profile / the event, check your SPAM folder – activation emails sometimes end up there.
  • ✍ If you face any technical issues, related to the access and usage of the webinar platform, contact the hosts at [email protected] or write a comment!

*** – the page where the webinar stream will be live on June 12th shortly before 10 AM CET.
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