Website: www.elbacom.com

E-mail for feedback: z.szanya[@]elbacom.com

Representative: Zsolt Szanya, Andreas Ahamer
Feedback phone number:

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Microsoft Gold Partner – Embedded Licensing Specialist,  EMEA IoT Distributor

Elbacom was founded in 2000 and has been an authorized Microsoft Embedded Distributor since 2002. Due to our rapid specialization in this area, Microsoft has enabled us to gather very long and deep experience, all the way from general licensing issues to specialized solutions.

Elbacom’s expert team in Europe is highly motivated, professionally skilled and quickly develops trusted relationships with our partners. The low turnover in our team means you can draw on a stable group of talented experts.

Our many years of experience, gives you the ability to take advantage of our special services, tools and technologies – making it quick and easy for you to use and configure Microsoft Windows IoT/Embedded operating systems.


Product / Service No. 1
Windows Iot – client operating system

Service description:
Windows 10/11 IoT Enterprise is an operating system specifically designed and optimized for Embedded/IoT devices such as: medical devices, retail devices, ATMs, industrial automation, etc. It is based on the new Windows 10/11 technology with advanced lockdown capabilities to harden the OS, Win32 compatibility and universal app support. As the system is based on the full version of Windows 10/11 it offers full compatibility for applications, apps and drivers (Universal Windows Platform).

Product/Service #2
Windows Server IoT – server operating system

Service description:
Windows Server IoT 2022 and previous versions provide a trusted and functionally stable platform that can protect, process and aggregate large volumes of data either on premises or in Azure.

It is designed to support large scale compute, connections, or storage workloads where processing on the edge is required for latency, bandwidth, cost, data residency or privacy requirements with advanced multilayer security.

Combined with Windows Server IoT 2022 and a specific purpose application, Microsoft SQL Server IoT 2022 provides a comprehensive database platform for mission-critical data analytics and offers industry-leading performance, availability, and security.

Product/Service #3
Windows on ARM (WoA)

Service description:

WoA is a version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system designed to run on ARM architecture, offering benefits like longer battery life and instant-on capabilities from a security standpoint. It supports features for secure authentication and has built-in defenses against malware and viruses, leveraging ARM’s architecture to enhance overall security and efficiency.

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