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Представляващ : Ирина Стоянова – ръководител

Телефон за обратна връзка:+359877717331

Кратко резюме на организацията (бизнес визитка)

The “EXP ART LAB” Foundation aims to develop interdisciplinary interactive art in Sofia and Bulgaria by creating and distributing cultural products in visual, digital, and performing arts. They focus on innovative contemporary art, fostering interdisciplinarity, and creating interactive art that engages creativity and imagination. They organize interdisciplinary creative events like exhibitions, performances, workshops, festivals, and online events.


Продукт / Услуга 1

FIELD MEASUREMENT – Immersive Installation

A creative project combining a mirror installation and a dance performance.A unique art installation called “OBSERVING CUPOL” – a spherical planetarium-type room. The mirrored surface refracts the space and fragments the image of the person inside the dome, creating multiple reflections of the person like a kaleidoscope. A metaphor: “The outer physical world is a reflection of the inner world of the individual” or “Everyone creates his reality, projecting his thoughts and feelings to the outer world”.Being in the dome is like traveling in a spaceship through a mysterious world of mirrors, revealing the potential of the imagination to create universes!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU13qfkRKj8&ab_channel=irr%25ktopuz


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