Pic Computer Ltd.

Website: www.pic.bg,

Feedback e-mail: pic[@]pic.bg

Representative: Lachezar Dobrev, Sales Director

Contact phone number: +359896663115

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Pic Computer Ltd. is one of the leading retailers in Bulgaria in the sale of: computers, laptops, components, peripherals, multimedia and high quality products of leading companies worldwide , as well as designs and implements local and global networks, offers solutions for organization and control through specialized computer-based security systems for video surveillance. Pic Computer Ltd. strives to offer the widest range of computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, multimedia and a full range of necessary peripherals while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction! Customer service is Priority #1 for Pic Computer Ltd. The customer must always be satisfied. That is why Pic Computer Ltd offers fast delivery times and expert service support. Pic Computer Ltd. seeks long-term customer relationships and will maintain those relationships with excellent pricing, flexibility and service.


Product / Service #1

Sale and maintenance of office equipment

We guarantee that by buying from us, you are buying genuine products that will be serviced in the future by authorized service and highly qualified specialists. With the passage of time and experience, at PIC Computer we follow a few basic maxims that apply to each and every one of our customers: ✓ We stay with you after the purchase. ✓ We listen to you. ✓ We understand you. ✓ We participate in the choice with you. ✓ We protect you from unnecessary costs. ✓ We work to established quality standards and regulations – ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007. ✓ PIC Computer does not offer you the cheapest solution, but the optimum value for money, tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

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