Alliance of Technology Industry – ATI


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Representative:  Andreana Atanasova – Chairman of the Management Board

Contact phone number: +359888137657

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The Alliance of Technology Industry (ATI) is a non-profit, industry organization of the telecom and technology industry in Bulgaria. It is the successor of the Bulgarian Association of Cable and Communication Operators (BACCO) and the Association of Telecommunications (ASTEL). Our main goal is to unite the efforts of most significant players in the technology industry. Our members are the largest telecom operators, well-known international equipment suppliers, universities with the greatest contribution to the technology sector, cable operators and system integrators.


Product / Service No. 1

Creating favourable regulatory and market conditions for the development of the technology industry

ATI advises and supports the creation of strategic documents and national programmes in the field of digital technology, connectivity and digital infrastructure. It prepares opinions, on draft regulations, initiates, prepares and actively participates in legislative initiatives, public deliberations, working groups or advisory bodies and commissions in the field of electronic communications, communications, cyber security, spatial planning, media law, copyright and related rights, consumer protection and other areas related to digital services and infrastructure.

Product / Service No. 2

Organisation of events and exchange of experience

Organizes conferences, seminars, symposia and other representative events. Holds periodic meetings of its members to exchange views, best practices and hold discussions on current issues of the technology industry. It attracts and makes professional contacts with specialists and experts from home and abroad.

Product / Service No. 3

Representative organisation within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act

ATI represents the sector before collecting societies in the cases provided for by law and participates as a representative organisation of users in the procedures for determining the amount of royalties collected by collecting societies under the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

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