Apex Hub Ltd.

Website: www.apexhub.space,

Feedback e-mail: office[@]apexhub.space

Representative: Plamen Chuntov

Contact phone number: +359888010888

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Our goal is to provide a modern space for collaboration and innovation.

We are building a community where connections are made, ideas are generated and opportunities are nurtured. With first-class facilities including meeting space, boardrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and dedicated labs, we ensure our members have everything they need to succeed.


Product / Service #1

Laboratory – Cyber Security

The Cybersecurity Lab provides the opportunity to conduct training with practical examples as well as to explore products and approaches in a test environment. The flexible layout of the space allows for different types of events.

Product / Service #2

Coworking space and events

60 workspaces, organized in two types of categories, and with the possibility of customization according to the needs of the user, provide the necessary workspace for each employee of a company or freelancer. In addition, the space has multiple meeting rooms, a large kitchen and a spacious terrace. It also has parking spaces.

Product / Service #3

Videotaping and conferencing

The ability to create several types of video sets and content that cover a wide range of opportunities to showcase startup ideas and companies as well as community initiatives.

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