Ardes Information Technologies Ltd.


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Representative: Plamen Banov – Corporate Account Manager

Contact phone number: +359878150601

Brief summary of the organization (business card) is a national leader in the IT retail sector and the preferred choice for suppliers of laptops and PCs to end customers and SMEs nationwide. With our work, we provide security, care and satisfaction and with this we contribute to creating a society of satisfied, and happy customers. makes its customers more efficient, satisfied and happy in their work and their lives by providing them with a professional service in the selection, supply and maintenance of computer equipment. With honest, open attitude and attention to customer needs, we create an atmosphere of peace of mind and professional choice of quality IT products and their support. As a result, is the preferred choice of corporate organisations and private clients who value time, quality and personal attention. Through our initiatives focused on education development , we believe we are making strides in making Bulgaria a better place to live and grow.


Product / Service #1

Operating lease of computer equipment

What do you earn? You gain more by increasing the efficiency of your teams by consistently using state-of-the-art computers with excellent performance tailored to your specific needs You save money on the down payment from the initial purchase of the equipment. You save money thanks to staggered monthly payments, in a period of inflation ( money today is much more expensive than money tomorrow). You only pay VAT on the monthly payments All rental payments are recognised as a tax expense. Save money on reduced energy consumption of new IT equipment Save on decommissioning costs of old IT equipment Easy invoicing for operating lease costs only, no asset filing Increased security of equipment with insurance and additional warranty provided. Ability to easily manage IT equipment needs as staff grows or downsizes.

Product / Service #2

Purchase and refurbishment of computer equipment

A step towards preserving the eco-balance by extending the use of old equipment after refurbishment and refurbishment We will bring your no longer needed office equipment to life so that it can serve someone for the next 1-2 years Saving costs on scrapping FTA – when buying old assets, a trade-in is made and the stock is cleared Utilising obsolete and unwanted computer equipment after condition assessment and Can serve as a full or partial down payment on a lease or new purchase. Main products focus of buyback – desktops, monitors, laptops, servers, NAS-network disk arrays Donation of unusable equipment is also an option for buyback, and the customer can be offered a symbolic discount or a small gesture/gift upon subsequent sale (in this case we are talking about equipment in non-working condition or obsolete technology over 8 years)

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