ATS Bulgaria Ltd.

E-mail for feedback : [email protected]
Representative : Alexander Georgiev
Contact phone: +359876272727
Brief summary of the organization (business card)
ATS Bulgaria is a company with over 20 years of experience in the supply, installation, maintenance and management of printing and printing devices and systems. The company offers a wide range of products and consumables for them. ATS Bulgaria introduces an innovative and environmentally friendly product lifecycle management process, offering full recycling or turnkey refurbishment. The state, issue and consumable mono-trading system delivers a coordinated and efficient process that ensures business continuity with responsible green impact. Firamta has protected ISO 14000 and ISO 9001 standards

Product / Service No. 1
Printing as a service
This is a comprehensive process for managing and monitoring the stamp in your organization. The service is based on smart printing devices with built-in self-monitoring and reporting of process quality events. Smart networked printing devices are protected from cyber-attacks by constantly updating their software. An established order, repair and delivery process ensures predictability and security. Printing systems can run on new consumables or used consumables can be repurchased or recycled.

Product / Service No. 2
Supply of printing systems
Our consultants will suggest, after a thorough analysis of the need, the appropriate printer or multifunction device, matching the type and consumable to the number of copies and peak loads. ATS offers warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance, as well as the supply of consumables and spare parts. Toner cartridges and inks can be new or recycled. Intelligent software monitors status and transmits events to our service

Product / Service No. 3 (optional)

Supply of consumables and service
Even the best devices need preventive maintenance or service. The ATS Bulgaria team offers consumables supply and service for a wide range of printing devices. Service experts visit on site or carry out the preventive maintenance in our authorized service. Quality control and service procedures are monitored by the customer service system.

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