Centre for Shared Science and Business Development at TU – Sofia

Website: https://tu-cssb.org/

E-mail for feedback: oandre[@]tu-sofia.bg

Representative : Ognyan Andreev – Founder

Contact phone: +359882142531

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The Center for Shared Science and Business Development is designed to develop state-of-the-art approaches of shared science and to support industry-training relationships in the latest areas of knowledge development to achieve the strategic goal of making TU-Sofia a leading innovative, high-tech and competitive University. The main goal of the Centre for Shared Science and Business Development is to conduct applied scientific and industrial research, corresponding to national interests, priorities and trends in the development of global science, development of open source products, management of business projects, support in the application of the obtained scientific results in practice and the development of widely available innovative approaches in training, tailored to the needs of business.


Product / Service No. 1

Conducts research, analysis and design of innovation and business development dynamics of economic entities in modern market economies and advanced industries.

Builds and analyzes databases on the development of SMEs in Bulgaria, develops targeted research tools and stimulates the research development of the academic staff of TU-Sofia.

Product/Service No. 2

Performs research and expert activities on projects and programmes of regional, national and international importance.

Initiates the implementation of innovative practical-applied projects at TU-Sofia; introduces new technologies in business education processes, programs and plans in accordance with the requirements of global and international trends.

Product / Service No. 3 (optional)

Facilitates the development of harmonized business learning relationships based on national, international and global processes and projects. Organizes or participates in the organization of scientific and other events related to the subject of its activity.

Develops and offers to external users scientific and applied research products and services in the field of innovation, advanced industries and business development, including research, analysis, development of innovative products and best practices in the field of education and the labour market. Dynamically provides educational and labour mobility in major scientific fields, OCS, corporate and social networks.

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