Bulgarian Regional Development Experts

Website: https://berr.bg

Feedback e-mail:  berr.varna[@]gmail.com

Representative:  : Anton Simeonov – Chairman

Contact phone number: +359877303077

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

“Bulgarian Experts for Regional Development BERR is an independent Bulgarian organization that works in partnership with governmental, non-governmental, international organizations and private individuals to strengthen the private sector, civil society and democratic institutions in the country.


Product / Service #1

Media product Neighborhood Citizens

We strive for a vibrant and cohesive community where every citizen actively participates in shaping their urban environment. Through Neighbourhood Citizens we aim to build a strong sense of belonging, ownership and responsibility among residents, leading to a cleaner, greener and more inclusive neighbourhood that improves the quality of life for all residents. Source: https://varnafix.com/za-nas.

Product / Service #2

Statistical system “Civil Control”

SYSTEM FOR STATISTICAL RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS BASED ON INFORMATION MODELLING – the main task of the “Information Model” is to increase the dynamics of information flows and to speed up the analysis of the results. Such an approach increases the adequacy of the information users’ behavior by tens of times. Additionally, the fast and correct “feedback” to the surveyed citizens strengthens their willingness to influence with their opinion the decisions taken by the sample users. By accumulating “Knowledge” the system according to set “Conditional Criteria” can monitor and evaluate the actions of executives and public figures or personalities, generating indicators that orient the Citizens of the neighborhood, what is real and factual the practical attitude of a relevant public figure.

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