Eastern Accelerator Foundation

Website: https://eastaccelerator.com/,

E-mail for feedback :  info[@]eastaccelerator.com

Representing : Галин Петров Димитров – Председател

Telephone for feedback: +359888922262

“Eastern Accelerator is a non-profit public benefit foundation that supports the development and unification of the entrepreneurial community in Eastern Bulgaria. We support the creation of a favorable economic environment in the region in order to stimulate the initiative of Bulgarian entrepreneurs.



Product / Service No. 1

Trainings for Startup Entrepreneurs

During the training you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from successful Bulgarian entrepreneurs, as well as be guided by mentors with extensive experience in business. The course is extremely practical, includes theory, uses gamification methods, which aims to put what you learn into practice. The course includes a theoretical section delivered in an accessible way, practical case studies, teamwork and creating virtual companies and businesses.

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