BEA and European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) “Trakia” announce strategic partnership

The Bulgarian E-Commerce Association (BEA) and the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) “Trakia” announced their strategic partnership within the project “CYBERsecurity 4 All STAkeholdeRs”, funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Commission.

The project aims to provide a simple and effective understanding of cyber security in the e-commerce industry and to improve the security of e-commerce platforms and their value chain partners in Bulgaria. BEA and EDIH Trakia will join forces to provide free specialized training, consulting and testing of digital services and products in the e-commerce sector.

The cooperation between the two partners will contribute to building greater trust among users in e-commerce platforms and to increasing the level of cyber security in the sector. Furthermore, the project will support the introduction of innovative technologies and practices to protect users’ data and personal information.

“The cooperation between BEA and EDIH Trakia is a key step towards improving cybersecurity in e-commerce. By joining forces we will be able to offer our members of the e-commerce community quality and innovative solutions for testing and optimizing the protection of their platforms,” commented Ms. Janet Naydenova, President of BEA.

The cooperation between BEA and EDIH Trakia is an excellent example of industry collaboration in Bulgaria, which aims to support and promote the sustainable development of the e-commerce sector and to ensure greater security and trust in e-commerce nationally and internationally.

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