IO Era Ltd.


E-mail for feedback : hello[@]

Representative : Momchil Dzhambazov, Manager

Contact number: +359899921177

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

IO Era is a company specialized in distributed technologies for the financial sector. We offer customized solutions that are in tune with the latest trends in fintech, cryptography and blockchain protocols. The company builds innovative, secure and scalable solutions for the largest platforms of the financial services sphere.


Product / Service #1

FinTech Software Solutions

IO Era provides custom software development specifically targeted to the needs of the financial sector. Our service includes the creation of complex asset management systems, payment platforms, automated trading systems and cryptocurrency infrastructures, all designed to support financial institutions’ operations and increase their efficiency and security.

Product / Service #2

Security audit of cryptographic systems

We offer a thorough security audit, which is critical for any blockchain platform, offering an assessment of potential vulnerabilities and providing recommendations to strengthen system security.

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