“Infosec Group Ltd.

Website: https://infosecgroup.io/

Feedback e-mail::   info[@]infosecgroup.io

Representative:  Коста Владимиров  Съосновател

Contact phone number: +359883334112

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Infosec Group specializes in providing high quality information security services. Our core services include security management, pentesting, cybersecurity awareness training and assistance with standards and certifications such as ISO, SOC, PCI. Our mission is to help organizations effectively defend against cyber threats, ensuring compliance with legal and industry requirements. We offer customized solutions that are focused on maximizing protection and optimizing resources. Our expertise and years of experience allow us to provide services that not only meet each client’s specific needs, but also offer added value through training and security enhancement strategies.


Product / Service #1

Cybersecurity training

Product / Service #2

Help with certification and implementation of cybersecurity solutions

Product / Service #3

Penetration testing

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