Bulgarian E-Commerce Association

Website: https://beabg.com/,

Feedback e-mail: info[@]beabg.com

Representative: Janet Naydenova -Chairman

Contact phone number:  +359888616498

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The Bulgarian E-Commerce Association (BEA) is recognized as the “Voice of the E-Commerce Industry in Bulgaria”. Its main mission is to lobby for better and desirable policies for the industry through active cooperation with government authorities in the creation and control of laws and regulations related to e-commerce.


Product / Service #1

Creating better policies

BEA actively works with government bodies to create and improve laws and regulations related to e-commerce. They also monitor and control the implementation of these acts in order to ensure a favourable legal environment for the development of the industry.

Product / Service #2

Establishing professional and ethical standards

The Association establishes and promotes professional and ethical standards among its members. This includes enhancing the security of e-stores and e-payments as well as improving the efficiency of e-commerce logistics. They are also introducing a ‘trust mark’ to the e-industry, which is being established through collaboration with relevant public and government bodies.

Product / Service #3

Training and staff development

BEA supports the training of e-commerce personnel by organizing various forms of training and development. They also share best practices and promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among the association’s members in order to enhance professionalism and competitiveness in the industry.

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