Bulgarian- Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BHCCI)

Website: https://bhcci.bg/,

Feedback e-mail::   admin[@]bhcci.bg

Representative: Savvas Karafilidis

Contact phone number: +359878713003

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BHCCI) was established to promote sustainable development and strengthen economic, commercial and cultural ties between Bulgaria and Greece. The Chamber promotes business and investment relations between Bulgarian and Greek companies, as well as relations with third countries. It promotes the professional activities of its members, maintains professional ethics and builds trust in society. The Chamber organises events, seminars and initiatives to promote bilateral cooperation.


Product / Service #1

Business Forum

The Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BHCCI) organizes business forums to promote economic cooperation between Bulgaria and Greece. These forums include working meetings between experts, representatives of competent institutions and companies from different economic sectors. The events are organised when specific issues arise or at the request of interested companies. The working languages are Bulgarian and Greek and participation is free of charge. The Chamber provides its facilities and resources for the needs of the forums and covers pre-approved costs.

Product / Service #2

Business services and connectivity

The Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BHCCI) provides a wide range of services aimed at facilitating business relations between Bulgarian and Greek companies. Services include. Business brokerage. Organisation of events: Business forums, fairs, exhibitions and other events to promote bilateral cooperation. Document services: Official translations, certification and legalisation of documents. The Chamber has the resources and expertise to support businesses in various aspects, ensuring successful and effective partnerships.

Product / Service #3

Electronic catalogue for offers

The Bulgarian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BHCCI) offers an electronic catalogue of offers, which serves as a platform for business listings and offers between Bulgarian and Greek companies. The catalogue includes various categories such as employees, investors, markets, partners and real estate. Users can find offers for cooperation, search for suppliers, distributors and other business opportunities. The catalogue is designed to facilitate commercial interactions and to support the development of bilateral business relations.

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