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Representative: Atanaska Ivanova, Manager

Contact phone number: +359888944349

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

CYBER NET integrates data protection and cybersecurity, providing automated protection that combines security, availability, privacy, authenticity and reliability. This solution is the key to successfully address the challenges of the modern digital world by providing comprehensive protection for digital infrastructure.

Our team includes experts with extensive IT experience who are distinguished by their commitment to meticulousness and professionalism in everything they do. Our commitment to the job is reflected in the high standard of service we offer our clients.


Product / Service #1

Passive defence

Incorporate automated control and protection mechanisms for the information technology infrastructure, as well as the SOC, to continuously monitor client systems.

Product / Service #2

Active defence

Our approach includes regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning conducted by highly skilled and certified specialists to ensure the highest standards of security and protection for our customers.

Product / Service #3

Subscription service

We offer a subscription service that includes regular maintenance and timely response in case of emergencies. In addition, we have mobile teams ready to respond quickly and efficiently when on-site technical support is needed, wherever it is needed at any point in the customer’s reach.

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