Edu Playground Foundation


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Representative: Simeon Todorov, Director

Contact phone number: +359886362693

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The mission of the Edu Playground Foundation is to promote and support the sustainable development of local communities and the empowerment of people through culture, education and training, human rights, democratic values and international cooperation. The Foundation is focused on access to social rights for people in the Plovdiv region and fights against discrimination, violence and exclusion. A key element is digitalisation, through which we are able to invest in local communities.


Product / Service #1

Toolkit: Enhancing the basic blockchain skills of adult learners

The toolkit includes 3 main blocks. The first describes general information to consider before planning such a course, such as the prerequisites of the trainers and the pros and cons of blockchain. The second part will give you the basic elements to design and manage an adult learning course on blockchain from a didactic perspective, suggesting methodologies and models to use. The third block will give you practical checklists on how seniors can benefit from blockchain in different sectors of their lives and work (banking and finance, healthcare, media, education, energy, public authorities and cybersecurity).

Product / Service #2

Toolbox: NFT cutting

A simple toolkit that explains what NFTs are and how step-by-step artists and CCI workers can create one.

Product / Service #3

Guidelines for training mentors in a cultural mentoring programme

The EU’s first cultural and arts mentoring programme

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