National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”


Е-mail за обратна връзка :  info[@]

Representative: Vasil Vassilev

Contact phone number: +359 2 811 92 80

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Ivan Vazov National Theatre is the most significant and representative Bulgarian theatre institution with its three stages, a permanent theatre company of over 60 emerging and established actors, three of the leading Bulgarian theatre directors – Yavor Gardev, Diana Dobreva and Boyan Kracholov – on permanent contract and many other young and famous directors working on its stages for every project. Our repertoire is a mix of classical and contemporary plays and consists of at least eleven premieres and more than 615 performances per season. The People’s Theatre is a member of The Silk Road International League of Theatres, a member of The European Theatre Convention, Europe’s largest network of public theatres, and a member of the European Route of Historic Theatres.


Product / Service #1

Ticket Centre

The National Theatre provides an innovative and digital solution for purchasing tickets for performances at the theatre, an in-house development. The solution enables users to search for productions, get information about them and purchase tickets for the productions in advance.

Product / Service #2

Digital access to the digital cultural heritage of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Includes the ability to search and access the Theatre Archive of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, composed of posters, posters, scenographic sketches, articles and interviews, programs of performances, photos of performances from the founding of the theater to today, as well as the Administrative Archive of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, the Annals of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, video and audio archive of performances of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” and others.

Product / Service #3

Integrated electronic space for theatre activity management

The integrated electronic space is developed on the basis of the experience of the team of the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” and gathers and integrates in one platform the processes and communication related to the theatrical activity. This includes planning, preparation, conducting performances, as well as communication between the creative team.

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