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Representative: Pasko Paskov, Manager

Contact phone number: +359885439498

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Step-Soft is a Bulgarian company that has been offering its customers ERP, accounting and sales and warehouse software products since 1995. The company has accumulated over 100 years of experience in the field of information systems. The team of specialists involved in the development of nationwide projects was decisive in the creation of the unified business management system – S-Office®. Following the needs of Bulgarian business, Step-Soft has been improving its product and for several years has been offering its customers boutique ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, including SCM (Supply Chain Management) for sales process management, Warehouse Management for warehouse operations, as well as manufacturing, financial, BI (Business Intelligence) and Project Management solutions, thanks to which S-Office successfully connects all levels of business.


Product / Service #1

S-Office ERP

It enables precise control over every activity and covers the following operations. Addressing, mobile revision systems, MOL; *Production – determination of input levels of raw materials/materials, traceability by different batch identifiers, control of nodal points (e.g. HACCP), production plans and reports, subcontractors; *Financial and accounting – control of cash flow in the company, transfer of documents for accounting, reports to the state administration, consolidation in a holding structure; *Business analysis and planning – determination of future development based on real-time analysis and reports.

Product / Service #2

S-Office CRM

In the process of its expansion, almost every organization experiences difficulties in managing its customer relationships. To make their management easier and more convenient, we at Step-Soft offer S-Office CRM, completely tailored to your needs. S-Office CRM provides you with: * A single database in which all the necessary information is collected; * An individual view of each customer thanks to the detailed Visitor; * Project management, as well as their tracking by stages and individual activities; * Preparation and management of contracts according to specific conditions; * Compilation of tasks for employees; * Analytics tools; * User-friendly and intuitive interface; * Integration with VoIP PBX (Asterisk), grouping and management of incoming calls according to customer recognition; * Ability to work both as an Intranet/On Premises environment and as an Internet/SaaS application.

Product / Service #3

S-Account Advanced

S-Account Advanced is an advanced process management system for double-entry, multi-firm accounting that provides you with intuitive and efficient handling of accounting documents, VAT diaries, INTRASTAT and VIES declarations. The system has a wide range of functionalities such as: * Automatic completion of VAT diaries, INTRASTAT and Vies declarations * Possibility of automatic closing operations * Posting of tax and accounting documents – invoices, customs declarations, memorial orders * Printing of documents * Preparation of tax and accounting reports for fixed assets and fixed assets * Tracking of accounts at analytical and synthetic level * Possible deletion, editing and cancellation of documents * Also suitable for multi-firm work * Possibility to change analytics, consolidate batches and replace items * Modify chart of accounts or prepare individual chart of accounts

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