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Website: https://evrotrust.com/,

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Representative:Georgi Dimitrov

Contact phone number: +359888774666

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Evrotrust is a leading Bulgarian company specializing in providing authentication services and digital solutions for electronic identification and electronic signatures. Established to facilitate the digital transformation of society, the company offers innovative and secure solutions that provide easy access to electronic services for citizens, businesses and institutions. One of Evrotrust’s core missions is to help the more than one billion people worldwide who have no way to authenticate their identity, as well as the 44% of the world’s population (approximately 3.4 billion people) who have IDs but cannot use them in a digital environment. This limits their access to financial and public services. Evrotrust seeks to accelerate the digitalisation of the world and provide these people with the opportunity to benefit from modern technology.


Product / Service #1

Electronic identification and electronic signature

Evrotrust offers a trusted electronic identification service that allows customers to create a reusable digital identity. The identification process is quick and easy, meeting KYC and AML requirements. It includes ID verification, personal data, facial recognition and real person verification. The entire procedure takes about 2 minutes and ensures secure data transfer with the customer’s explicit consent. The service is applicable in various industries such as financial services, telecommunications and government administration. Evrotrust offers a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) that transforms traditional document signing processes into digital ones. The service allows uploading, signing and securely storing documents with legal value equivalent to manually signed ones. A KPP is created in less than a minute and is valid for two years, issued directly from a mobile phone, regardless of location. Evrotrust also offers a time certificate that proves the exact moment of signing. The service is fully compliant with eIDAS regulations and ensures security and convenience for businesses and consumers.

Product / Service #2

Digital authentication services

Evrotrust offers a full range of digital services aimed at facilitating and optimizing business processes. Core services include validation of electronic signatures and seals, long-term document storage, electronic seals and website identity authentication via EV SSL-certification. These services are designed to ensure the security and authenticity of electronic transactions and documents, providing reliability and convenience for businesses and consumers. Validation enables verification of electronic signatures and seals, and the service is free of charge. Long-term storage ensures that documents remain valid for 10 years or more. Electronic seals can be used to stamp digital data such as music, photos, e-books and more to prove rights, provenance and integrity. Authenticating website identities ensures the security of users accessing public resources. Evrotrust provides solutions that meet the needs of today’s businesses and ensure security and efficiency in the digital environment.

Product / Service #3

Managing an electronic employment record

Evrotrust offers an electronic employment record service that enables the digitization and management of HR documents from anywhere. Employees can identify themselves and sign documents remotely through Evrotrust’s mobile app, providing security and efficiency. This solution is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises, and integrates with leading HR management platforms. Benefits include reduced paper costs and improved productivity through facilitated document administration. The service provides: Remote identification and document signing via a mobile app. Secure storage and easy access to employment records. Reduction of administrative costs and paper documentation. Integration with leading HR platforms for streamlined HR management. Ability to create a completely remote workplace. Evrotrust’s platform provides comprehensive electronic employment record management solutions that save time and resources while ensuring a high level of security and legal validity of electronically signed documents.

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