“Impossible Missions Department” Ltd.

Website: https://imdepartment.com/

Feedback e-mail::   info[@]imdepartment.com

Representative: Penko Stoev – Manager

Representative:  +359878272733

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

MD offers development of business plans and strategies, helps to find financing through the BBB, investors and EU programmes, and works with our clients on the implementation of planned projects through our network of consultants and partners. IMD also has a shared office space (co-working space) in the centre of Plovdiv with 12 workstations. The company has been in existence for 3 years, we have over 40 completed projects and over BGN 3.6 million in funding from our clients with our business plans.


Product / Service #1

Business plans and strategies

Through the development of a business plan or strategy, we help our clients launch or scale their business. We have a network of partners that offer technology solutions that we promote to implement any business plan or strategy.

Product / Service #2

Shared office space in the centre of Plovdiv

We have a shared office space in the Grand Shopping Center, where we have built a community of entrepreneurs and IT professionals, as well as organize various events for the entrepreneurial community in Plovdiv.

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