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Representative: Dimitar Dimitrov, Manager

Contact phone number: +359884467336

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

TECHNICAL TRAINING BULGARIA Ltd. was registered in 2009, oriented in the field of consulting services and non-formal education. We work in several main areas. The services we offer: – Researching and consulting on funding opportunities for your idea/project under European programs; – Preparation and development of the project proposal; – Project management; – Mentoring and consulting for strating businesses. The trainings we offer: – Professional trainings; – ISO standards trainings; – Corporate trainings; – Trainings for trainers. Over 60 successfully completed projects for the previous programming period, including cross-border, operational programs, etc. Over 600 people who have received specialized trainings, workshops and seminars, individual and group consultations in the last 2 years.


Product / Service #1

Dynamic portal and V&R application

Development of Dynamic Information Portal and Virtual Application for three sectors – Tourism, Retail and Creative Economy and Online Business Platform. The main functions and features provided by the information applications are integrated in a single information environment/platform and cover the specifics of the value chain of the three economic sectors – Tourism, Retail and Creative Economy and their interconnection. Through interactive methods and IT techniques for educational purposes, knowledge, skills and experience are built up in the target groups by presenting: – Short learning stories; – Good/bad examples; – Scenarios depending on possible management decisions; – Tips and conclusions.

Product / Service #2

Virtual Business Simulation Platform

Development of a business idea diagnostic information application to help users self-assess the feasibility and sustainability of their business ideas. The application is a digital diagnostic application that supports the evaluation of new business ideas/projects/initiatives.

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