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Representative: Denis Kalfov, owner

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Brief summary of the organization (business card)

TabL is a set of innovative software solutions for the Horeca sector, which aim to be useful to the end customer and service staff, as well as to the manager and owner of any restaurant or hotel.

The qr code ordering platform has multiple functionalities such as upsale and cross-sale, integration with warehouse software and access to useful statistics that allow the owner to better manage their business.

The restaurant reservation system, on the other hand, allows for intelligent allocation of restaurant workload and the ability to create “extra reservations” to minimize customer loss.

The hotel’s spa booking module, check-in system and employee activity tracking are just some of the conveniences offered by the comprehensive TabL solution.


Product / Service #1

Online ordering system via QR code

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TabL is the market leader in digital menus in Bulgaria.

Over 500 000 unique users have passed through the system, generating a turnover of over BGN 2 000 000.

Some of TabL’s main advantages, both competitive and innovative are:

– Quick start for taking orders in any outlet – within 24 hours the outlet’s menu can be online and the customer can start taking orders.

– The availability of additional features such as upsale and cross-sale and access to useful statistics, allow the owner to better manage their business and has proven to increase average account value.

– Integration with Bulgarian warehouse software, on the other hand, allows for greater accuracy and speed in order acceptance

Product / Service #2

Restaurant reservation system

The table reservation system allows the restaurant to manage the capacity of its restaurant. This is done on a table release percentage basis, the system creates “extra reservations” in order to minimize customer loss.

The ability to limit the number of reservations for a given hour and minutes allows restaurateurs to spread the load in the restaurant.

The ability to group tables and set priority, on the other hand, makes it easy and convenient for the customer to create a reservation.

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