Nia Project Ltd.


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Representative: Evgeni Petrov

Contact phone number: +359 876460177

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

In the age of digital transformation, Nia Project offers innovative solutions in the areas of Eurofinance, cybersecurity and innovation ecosystem management. Focused on helping businesses unleash their potential, our mission is to demonstrate that every organisation can be part of the digital revolution. We provide comprehensive advisory services to access EU funding, supporting successful project management and implementation. In cyber security, we develop strategies to analyse and assess cyber risks, proposing measures to protect information. By managing an innovation ecosystem in the Pleven region, we stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to sustainable growth. We invite interested parties to contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Let’s create the future together!


Product / Service #1

EU funding and project management consultancy

Our EU funding and project management consultancy service is distinguished by an innovative approach that uses the latest technologies and methodologies to maximise the success of our clients’ projects. Drawing on deep analytical tools, artificial intelligence and automation, we offer tailored solutions that facilitate the process of applying for EU funding as well as the effective management of approved projects. Using AI-based platforms, we analyse large volumes of data to identify the most relevant funding opportunities, while providing predictions on EU policy trends and their potential impacts on different sectors. This allows our clients to develop strategic projects that are in line with current and future funding guidelines. We also implement automated project management systems that streamline project planning, implementation and monitoring. These systems provide greater efficiency and transparency in the work process, facilitating communication between all stakeholders and reducing the risk of delays and problems in implementation. Our innovative EU funding and project management consultancy service not only facilitates access to financial resources and improves the chances of successful project delivery, but also gives organisations a strategic advantage by applying the latest technological advances in project management and financial planning.

Product / Service #2

Analysis and assessment of cyber risks and implementation of information security standards

Our cyber risk analysis and assessment service, combined with the implementation of information security standards, represents an innovative approach to cyber security. We use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in organizations’ IT infrastructure. This process not only allows for the upfront detection of risks, but also their accurate assessment. We implement information security standards based on blockchain technology to ensure data continuity and integrity. This method ensures a high degree of security and transparency while facilitating regulatory compliance. Integrating automated security tools and adaptive protection mechanisms allows our clients to keep their systems protected in real-time, adapting to the ever-changing cybersecurity environment. Our innovative approach not only increases protection against cyberattacks, but also optimizes business processes by reducing the risk of data misuse and strengthening customer trust.

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