Association of Young Scientists


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Representative : Vadim Roshmanov – Chairman

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Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The modern world requires a new kind of collaboration to reach scientific discoveries, minimizing the risks that may arise from their realization.

Our mission is to become a national platform (Think Tank) of young scientists united. Therefore, we have embedded in our long-term strategy the themes related to the development of skills, competences and policies that aim to help both students and young researchers, as well as the adopted government strategies, policies and laws.

We have made efforts to build a strategic unit (Strategic Research Council) within the Young Scientists Association that is a balanced mix of professionals, researchers, talent and entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this strategic unit is to support the path from the development of ideas/innovations to their transfer into real business.


Product / Service No. 1

Digital mentor for young scientists and students

Innovation in several key aspects:

Digital Mentor Module: This innovative tool serves as a virtual guide, providing real-time support, resources and information to students and young scholars, fostering a dynamic and personalized learning experience.
A holistic approach to entrepreneurship. It not only focuses on business planning, but also deals with project management, financial literacy and real-world application of entrepreneurial ideas, providing holistic skills development.
Collaboration with industry partners: emphasis on strengthening collaboration between students and businesses is a hallmark. By facilitating the practical application of research results in the business sector, the project actively contributes to bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Flexibility in curriculum integration: we offer flexibility in the integration of entrepreneurship modules into university curricula. This adaptability ensures that we are in line with the diverse needs and structures of the institutions involved.

Emphasis on digital readiness: we not only develop entrepreneurial skills among students and young scholars, but also place a strong emphasis on digital readiness. Our Digital Advisor is aligned with the priority of addressing digital transformation, ensuring that participants are well prepared for the digital age.

In summary, innovation for us lies in the combination of cutting-edge technology, a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, data-driven assessment, industry collaboration, flexibility in implementation, and direct response to stakeholder feedback.

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