Foundation “RE”


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Representative : Dr. Tsvetana Ivanova, Director of RE Foundation

Feedback phone number:+359878369958

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Re Foundation : (Re, from Renaissance, or the complimentary potential of science+art+technology), is engaged in cross and transdisciplinary research, and in developing, selecting, training and presenting new cultural, educational and research forms and methodologies for integrating science, art and technology. RE works on the creation and promotion of a national and international network of organizations with expertise in the integration of science, art and technology with a profile of innovation, education and contribution to universal human culture.


Product/Service No. 1

RELOGIA trialogues

RELOGY Trialogues of the RE: Foundation is a series of trialogues between researchers with different profiles, from different intellectual disciplines. They are selected according to their expertise in art, science and leading technological developments shaping and transforming today’s worlds of art, science and technology. The number and format of the trialogues depends on the complexity of the project to be explored and developed.

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