Omnitel Ltd.

Cybersecurity training for beginners and advanced. Auditing and assessing networks for cyber resilience. Full range of cyber security solutions.

Distriba Ltd.

A web-based warehouse platform that has been created to connect all participants in the food industry – manufacturers, distributors and end business users (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.) so that all the necessary information about the goods can be exchanged digitally between them.

Schools.BG Ltd.

Нашият основен продукт е OneBook – дневник за детски градини, който включва модули като склад, допълнителни дейности, комуникация и много др.


Приложна академия за образование – Синдео е цялостна акдадемия за настоящи и бъдещи учители.


Applied Education Academy – Sindeo is a comprehensive accademy for current and future teachers.

Association “THE UNKNOWN”

Creation of information platform , creation and maintenance of platform, digitization and promotion of cultural, architectural monuments in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Regional Development Experts

“Bulgarian Experts for Regional Development BERR is an independent Bulgarian organization that works in partnership with governmental, non-governmental, international organizations and private individuals to strengthen the private sector, civil society and democratic institutions in the country.

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