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Representative: Ivaylo Blagoev

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Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Contipso is a company that offers software and methodological support for the management of knowledge in the organization, from its creation, storage, sharing, updating to monitoring the activity and the rate of adoption. Contipso Learning is a platform designed with the idea of saving time for teams managing learning processes in organizations, while giving them powerful tools to internally create engaging interactive online courses, an embedded virtual classroom, administer in-person training, and detailed real-time reports and summaries.


Product / Service #1

Contipso LMS

An e-learning system designed and developed to make the online learning process as enjoyable and close to face-to-face as possible. The system offers a wide range of intuitive tools for access management, communication, monitoring and performance reporting for individual users.

Product / Service #2

Contipso Author

A tool for building interactive multimedia learning content that makes it as easy as possible for authors and developers of online courses. With Contipso Author, you produce interactive multimedia learning content that interacts with the learner.

Product / Service #3

Contipso Catalog

A place where we bring together people who want to contribute their knowledge with those who want to develop continuously in the context of lifelong learning.

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