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Representative:  Pavel Gerasimov – Manager

Contact phone number:  +359 887899855

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

GateLink Ltd. is a Bulgarian IT company specializing in the development, construction and maintenance of comprehensive information and cyber security solutions that are oriented to both individual users and corporate clients. The software solutions that we develop allow providing full “strong encryption” protection of the client’s information arrays as well as the related business information processes. The scope of our activity also includes a number of services aimed at the business and public sector, which are based on technological solutions that are entirely our development and guarantee the provision of a service in line with the latest global standards in the field of information and cyber security. In addition to being a solution provider, we also specialise in information security consulting, cyber security systems and the training and certification of professionals in the field, in partnership with leading European certification bodies.


Product / Service #1

CRYPTHOR – hybrid modular system for information and cyber security

CRYPTHOR is a hybrid post-quantum software system for information security, allowing the application of various classical and modern approaches and means to protect information sets, information channels, and IT infrastructure. CRYPTHOR is a fully customizable software system that allows it to be implemented both as a budget solution with a very high degree of efficiency and as a complete enterprise system for organizing and managing information and cyber security in a company, each configuration being unique in itself. Through its rich variety of complementary software modules, CRYPTHOR enables the implementation of “strong encryption” processes, complete information risk management and comprehensive 360o protection of the company infrastructure, including databases and business applications. Additionally, CRYPTHOR provides dynamic control and monitoring of file integrity, DLP – solutions, secure mail communication.

Product / Service #2

Company Data Securitization – Service of protection, securing, cleansing (sanitization) and utilization of information media

The service of securing, cleaning (sanitizing) and utilization of information media is oriented to every business that values its information security and wants to be completely sure that the information media that are taken out of use in the company are completely secured and the danger of leakage of company information is reduced to zero. At Gatlinc, we develop and maintain specialized software systems that enable complete 100% securing of information media and disk drives without any possibility of subsequent recovery. The service allows complete documentation of the process at every step, enabling the applicant to benefit from a transparent process of handling and disposal of the information media.

Product / Service #3

InfraSec – Consulting, development, administration and maintenance of highly secure IT infrastructure

InfraSec is a combined service, which is broad-spectrum, but is mainly oriented towards the provision of the overall cyber and information security of a company/organization. InfraSec provides clients with two options – a professional consulting service related to the construction of the overall infrastructure of the company/organization or the optimization of the already existing one according to modern requirements in the field of information and cyber security. The second option is the provision and servicing of comprehensive hardware and software solutions from leading global manufacturers, which combined with specialized software systems developed by us or our technology business partners would allow the creation of a comprehensive secure IT infrastructure. The scope of this service also includes, upon request, employee training and certification activities that enable us to meet the requirements of the world’s leading information security standards.

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