EDIH Trakia at the 35th Computer Space Festival

The thirty-fifth edition of the international forum for computer arts “Computer space” included a competition part and a festival program. The festival program was held from 26.10.2023 (Thursday) to 28.10.2023 (Saturday) in the National Student House, Sofia.

Svetlin Iliev, chairman of Digital Innovation Hub Trakia, Hristian Daskalov, director of National Student House and Stanislav Atanasov, EDIH Trakia Cyber Security Expert, took part in the festival program, representing the Hub.

They had a panel on the topic of cybersecurity, featuring best practices presentation, an open discussion and a brainstorming session. The leading experts presented the modern aspects of cyber security. The following conclusions can be drawn:

  • It is clear that the more open we are to the world through the multitude of different communications, the more vulnerable we are to information theft, misuse, misrepresentation and manipulation.
  • In this invasion of information, Artificial Intelligence has also joined. There are a number of known examples of fake videos of famous people “talking” about various issues. while in reality, artificial intelligence is the one that does the talking.
  • Education in this area is becoming increasingly important.

Two other EU-funded cyber-related projects were presented during the event. Potential collaboration opportunities were discussed around them, together with EDIH Trakia experts. Ther projects are as follows:

  • CYBERYOUTH – Non-formal education for cyber-security training & resilience of youth organisations and young people – Raising awareness in young people in regards to proper cyber-security practices and methods has proven to be an important activity not just for personal cyebersecurity but also for the opportunities to study and work in the field. Through collaboration alongside cyber-security focused small and medium enterprises we have explored the different opportunities in cyber professions. Together with youth workers and cybersecurity organizations, CYBERYOUTH has created a number of training and capacity building tools that help students and other youth organization to aqure the sills needed to take advantage of the new opportunities and remain safe.
  • ECoVEM – European centre of vocational excellence in microelectronics – The ECoVEM project brings together Vocational Education and Training (VET) centres, polytechnics, industrial associations, social partners to establish the European Cooperation platform of Vocational Excellence in Microelectronics to tackle the challenges of digitalisation, artificial intelligence, green technologies, gender equality and technology and integration of migrants. ECoVEM builds on and complements the strengths of national VET systems in countries with more-advanced VET and supports the not so advanced regions to achieve VET excellence. ECoVEM implements innovative instructional approaches towards life-long capacity to self-regulate learning, hard skills and soft skills using the ecosystems-based theoretical models and performance support systems.

More insights from the partnership event are available on the National Student House website.

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