EDIH Trakia’s Innovators’ Ecosystem now accepting members from across Europe due to popular demand

Driven by its ambition to develop and set the collaboration between participants involved in the digital transition at a high level, the European Digital Innovation Hub “Trakia” invites providers of innovative advanced technologies to join the Hub’s ecosystem. In doing so, they will pioneer the formation of a “Catalogue of Innovative Digital Technology Providers” in implementing the “CYBERsecurity 4 All STAkeholdeRs” project.

After completing the application form for inclusion in the project catalog and the eligibility assessment by the EDIH “Trakia” team, the selected organizations, if interested, will be invited to sign a “Memorandum of Partnership” with EDIH “Trakia”. In all cases, after the entities are added to the Innovators’ Catalogue, they will receive access to:

  • Expert information and advice on digital transformation and cybersecurity in Bulgaria and across the EU;
  • Participation in activities and events organized and coordinated by EDIH “Trakia” in the implementation of the project, including training and promotional events for partners;
  • Opportunities for establishing new business contacts and promoting the provided technological products and services through EDIH “Trakia” channels.

All organizations that join the ecosystem of EDIH “Trakia” will also be able to benefit from the highly qualified cybersecurity services provided by the Hub’s experts, secured with funding under the European Commission’s Digital Europe Programme and the Operational Programme “Research, Innovation and Digitalization for Smart Transformation” (2021-2027).

Join us if you identify as our technological partner!

  • What does the European Union define as innovation? – Eurostat defines innovation as “the use of new ideas, products or methods where they have not been used before”. The “Innovation in the European Community Survey” (CIS) considers innovation as new or significantly improved products (goods or services) introduced on the market, or the introduction within an enterprise of new or significantly improved processes.
  • Which technologies does the European Union define as ‘advanced’? – The EC defines ‘advanced technologies’ as a combination of digital and key enabling technologies (KETs) – technologies associated with high R&D intensity, rapid innovation cycles, high capital expenditure, and highly skilled employment that give rise to innovative business models and new processes and underpin the creation of smart products and services.

Registration link: https://bit.ly/edihtrakia 

If you have any questions about completing the application, feel free to contact us at +359882333225 or email [email protected].

This informational material was created with the financial support of the “Research, Innovation, and Digitization for Intelligent Transformation” program 2021-2027, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. The entire responsibility for the content of the material lies with the UPEE and under no circumstances can it be assumed that the article reflects the official opinion of the European Union and the Managing Authority.


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