Expert 365 Ltd.


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Representative: Miroslav Mitev – Manager

Contact phone number: +359896198875

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Expert 365 is a consulting company that offers information and cyber security solutions for private and public sector organizations. The team includes leading experts and speakers in the field of cyber and information security. Business solutions, activities and services from Expert 365: – Information and cyber security awareness training – Security management systems analysis, design, implementation, assessment and support – Risk identification, assessment and management – Complete cyber security solutions – Hardware and software solutions for network protection – System and network administration – Information and cyber security audits.


Product / Service #1

Analysis, development, implementation, evaluation and maintenance of security management systems

A comprehensive approach to initiating, building and implementing information and cyber security processes and activities in an organization based on international and specific standards in the field of cyber and information security.

Product/Service No. 2

Risk identification, assessment and management

Innovative approach to identify threats and vulnerabilities for an organization, assess the impact when risks are realized, and assess and manage identified risks. The approach is scientific and based on international best practices.

Product/Service No. 3

Conducting information and cyber security audits

An innovative approach to gathering evidence and assessing the maturity of security solutions implemented in an organisation, based on international and European best practices for IT audits.

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