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Representative: Dr. Tanya Zhelyazkova-Tea – Chair of the Board of Trustees

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Brief summary of the organization (business card)

Institute for Informal Innovations Foundation is a non-profit legal entity that carries out activities for public benefit. 1. 2.

Improvement of the individual by stimulating his vitality, developing his skills, and increasing his competencies for realization in the social and professional spheres of the information age. 3. Shortening the path from creative (informal) thinking through innovative ideas to the practical implementation of innovative products and services.

In order to achieve its goals and objectives, the IIE supports and encourages the organization of scientific and practical forums, conferences, seminars, training, creative sessions, competitions, celebrations, and other organizational forms for the expression of creative and innovative thinking, innovative practice, and lifelong information education.


Product / Service No. 1

Pedagogy of Information Education (PIE)

PIE is a new field in pedagogical science to study the patterns of information education as a pedagogical phenomenon.

The purpose of PIE is the pedagogical accompaniment of the process of knowledge accumulation, skill development and competence formation in the life path of people of different ages, supporting the process of their self-development and self-creation as Homo creabilis (the self-creating person).


To identify the patterns of informal education.
To reveal trends in the development of informal education.
To design pedagogical technologies for information education.
To support the informational education of everyone.
To prepare people for their role as informal educators.

As a transpedagogy, PIE is part of the pedagogical “family” of 15 other titles and branches of pedagogy, teaching methodologies and strands of educational technology.

Product / Service No. 2

Library “Homo creabilis”

The Homo creabilis Library (ISSN 2738-7208) is a publishing project of the Institute for Information Innovation Foundation to support theoretical, empirical and innovative research on information entities, phenomena and processes.

It is a library for every Homo creabilis (self-creator).

In it we will talk informally about everything that accompanies the life of man, shapes his life experience, helps him to be himself in the Age of Aquarius.

The library will preserve the works of all the researchers of the informal as a determinant of all the informal aspects of life already studied – education, cognition, economy, practice, experience, activity, work, environment, relations, culture, organization and many others.

We invite all authors who wish to contribute to future electronic editions of the library to send their proposals to: [email protected].

Product / Service No. 3

PIO – Innovative Forums

Annual online thematic forums were held in the month of February to present the innovative products of the Information Innovation Institute Foundation from the previous calendar year.

Partners in the organization and conduct of the innovative forums are government institutions, business structures, academics, NGOs and media.

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