Community Center “Svetlina-2021”


E-mail for feedback: nch.svetlina-2021[@]

Representative : Vehbie Baliyeva Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

Contact phone:+359888135544

Brief summary of the organization (business card)

The “Svetlina-2021” Community Center focuses on cultural and educational activities for children and youth. Their main goals are preserving intangible cultural heritage and developing community life. The center offers library services and plans to create an electronic library and an interactive learning platform.


Product / Service No. 1

Library and reference activities

The “Svetlina” Library at the “Svetlina-2021” National Public Library has only recently been listed in the register of public libraries. Our children’s department is the richest because our activities are oriented towards children and young people. Our library also has a lot of educational, scientific applied, and strictly scientific literature (mainly research in the field of linguistics, literature, psychology, etc.). The goal we have set ourselves is to create an electronic library on a modern European model. The services we envisage are related (besides providing books in electronic format to readers) to the creation of an interactive platform of learning materials that students, teachers, and parents can use in a digital and real environment. The innovation of this venture lies in the very approach we are using to produce the materials. It is based on extensive practical experience and a thorough knowledge of scientific principles in several scientific fields. In order to make this knowledge and these materials available to the general public, we need assistance (mainly digitization).

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